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As a heads up, starting gold is 4,000. Do not purchase anything that couldn’t fit into a large bag twice your size. It won’t be coming with you. Feel free to leave some gold unspent. Without permission, please do not spend more than half your gold on one item. Do ask, but I probably won’t let you splurge on a huge magic item. If you want to spend more than half your gold on a magic sword that is made of mithril (with less than 2k spent on magic enhancements), that’s fine for example.

Character wiki

I’ll be doing my best to sort information here. I will do my best to tag pages to show how much characters should know about the subject prior to play. For example, the all-characters tag will encompass information that even a peasant or unlearned Barbarian would be familiar with. Perhaps some details of the information won’t be extremely common knowledge, but things with this tag will be mostly if not entirely information you couldn’t live without learning at some point. Basic-education will be knowledge you pick up early in life from schooling, whether it be a home-school or a more standardized education. Advanced-info will require characters to have studied the subject intensely through higher education or personal studies. Even if your character wouldn’t know about these things, you as a player should glance through most of the topics. Lastly, there are player-only tags. This is for things I think players should be familiar with before the campaign, but characters would have no way of knowing. This would be mostly meta-knowledge or rules-based pages, but I may occasionally put in information to help you get a feel for where the story is going even though your characters would have no idea.

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The world
Sol Invictus
Forbidden Lands


Order of the Sun
Ash Wardens

The Signs

The constellations in the sky are considered to depict heroes of a battle against dark shapeshifter known as the Stranger. While the church of Sol Invictus considers these tales nothing more than folklore that fuels heresy, the general population has kept the tradition regarding the signs going for as long as anyone can remember.

The signs are split up into major and lesser signs. Each major sign is flanked by its two associated lesser signs. The major signs are representations of the heroes themselves. The lesser signs represent artifacts or actions that the heroes used to defeat the Stranger.

The signs also establish the calendar. The month is based on which lesser sign the sun touches first when rising. When a new lesser sign appears on the morning horizon, it is a sign of a new month. The Stranger is quite different from the other signs and does fit in a yearly schedule like the others. While it is somewhat predictable, it seems to wander the sky and has no associated month or season. When the Stranger takes over as the first constellation the sun rises upon, it is an omen of dark times.

The people of Bastia consider the seasons based on what major sign the sun touches first when it rises. For example, the season of the Aegis begins towards the middle of Raised Bulwark and ends in the middle of Flaring Wand.

An accursed character is associated with the sign they were born under. If that sign is a lesser sign, they follow the mythic path of the associated major sign. They use the trait of their associated sign, lesser or major. This trait uses one of their two possible traits. If a third or fourth trait is desired, the drawback rules from Ultimate Combat can be used (search d20pfsrd for drawbacks).

In the listing below, the major sign is between it’s two lesser signs. Lesser signs are marked with an asterisk.

*Raised Bulwark
The Aegis
*Fractured Helm

*Flaring Wand
The Mage
*Shattered Staff

*Dripping Dagger
The Cloak
*Hidden Vial

*Forgotten Shield
The Sword
*Warrior’s Roar

*Hunter’s Companion
The Horn
*Wanderer’s Tattoo

*White Flame
The Ankh
*Holy Mace

The Stranger

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